Nuki Smart 2.0 Lock for Airbnb

Nuki Smart 2.0 Lock for Airbnb

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What's NUKI?

Nuki is the first Bluetooth Smart Lock for Europe with permanent Internet access. By using Bluetooth, Nuki opens the entrance door automatically as soon as you arrive and closes the door at the push of a button, when you leave the building.

The physical key can still be used to lock and unlock the door from the outside after Nuki has been mounted. When the Nuki Bridge is installed additionally, Nuki connects with the Internet. Thus, the Smart Lock offers full remote control of the door lock via the Nuki app on your smartphone from anywhere and anytime.


Innovation Smart Lock 2.0

Apple HomeKit

Thanks to the HomeKit integration, the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 can now be conveniently controlled via Siri.

You can manage your electronic door lock via the Apple Home app and easily integrate it into your Smart Home System.


Bluetooth 5

In line with the new Nuki Fob and Nuki Keypad, the Smart Lock 2.0 has also been upgraded to Bluetooth 5.

This allows for improved connection stability and increased Bluetooth range.


Knob- and oval cylinders (coming soon)

The key adapter on the back has been redesigned.

As a result, the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 is now compatible with standard knob and oval cylinders.


Nuki door sensor (Beta)

The innovative door sensor lets you know whether your front door is open or closed at all times.

The Nuki app warns you if you try to lock your door while it’s open.


Zigbee (coming soon)

Thanks to the new motherboard, the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 is now compatible with the popular Smart Home standard “ZigBee”.


Wach video

Smart bluetooth door lock for Europe

Set up your Nuki Application

Keyless Bluetooth-doorlock

Airbnb Comfort Chech in with Nuki

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Article type 220113
Product Smart Lock
Color Black / Silver
Weight 460g
Product dimensions 110 x 60 x 60 mm
Origin EU
Power supply 4 AA-batteries (included)
Communication Bluetooth 5.0
Operating temperature 10-40°C
Compatible smartphone iOS & Android
Compatible door lock Euro Profile Double Cylinder with emergency function
Installation Check
Compatible door handles – Euro Profile Cylinder with emergency and warning function
– Swiss Round Profile Cylinder with priority function
– Knob Cylinder
– Oval UK cylinder with emergency function(outside)
Speed at 720° turn 5.8 seconds
Operations Unlock
Opening the door
Auto Lock
Time control
Auto Unlock
Lock ‘n’ Go
Battery service life app. 6 months
Requirements for remote access Nuki Bridge
Nuki Android Bridge App
Possible permissions per Smart Lock 200
Security End-to-End-Encryption with Challenge-Response (equal to eBanking).
More about the Nuki encryption concept
Bluetooth-Range ≤10m, depending on your facility
Delivery contents 1x Nuki Smart Lock
1x Door sensor
1x Mountingplate – screw
1x Mountingplate – glue
1x Allen key
4x AA-batteries
1x Smart Lock Manual