Handle Tesa Assa Abloy Obbal AISI 316L

Handle Tesa Assa Abloy Obbal AISI 316L

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In the development of Kubika and Obbal, TESA has applied a totally innovating methodology regarding design for new products. After an intensive market research, the original aesthetics of these handles has been a consequence of the product codes and trends shown by the different actors in the high range and quality handles market. 
Kubika and Obbal fulfill special, singular and unique benefits concerning resistance, security, flexibility and high quality materials. 


» The driving mechanism of the handle is covered by acetate resin which prevents the break of the spring due to corrosion and also guarantees more than 500.000 cycles of working order. 
» The springs are compression kind (as shock absorbers in the car) so his hollows are grooved; we achieve like this that the system still works even if in the supposed case of spring breakage due to fatigue. 
» Very high resistance to breakage and free movement as a consequence of the system of springs dragging by nut with two cotter pins.
» Tests: both models have got excellent results in the internal tests. They have put up with the double effort compared with our previous handles and the competitor’s ones.

» The mechanism is fixed to the handle and escutcheon through a screw. We remove like this the clip used by all the handles in the market, the most frequent failure that let us with the handle on the hand. This system is like a ‘sandwich’, all pieces are joined by a special screw (M14x1) that guarantees that we will never keep the handle in the hand. 
» The rose models have 8 different crossing points for the coach screws, which makes them compatible with most of the locks in the market. At the same time Kubika and Obbal can be assembled with TESA antipanic exit devices ranges Universal, Push and Top. 
» Easy to reverse that helps converting simply one right handle into left handle and vice versa.

High quality materials
» This handles are manufactured in AISI 316L stainless steel, also known as ‘marine steel’ due to his excellent behavior in aggressive and saline environments.