Wireless - Energy Saver

Wireless - Energy Saver

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ON-LINE energy savers

Online wireless energy savers transmit computer software in real-time, presence of customers and staff in the rooms. They show the room temperature in order to achieve the maximum energy savings and comfort of the visitors. Automatically enable user access to the site for which it was not accepted.



  • Energy Saving: Reduces electricity consumption in occupied rooms and assures that there is no electricity consumption when rooms are empty.
  • Comfort: Bright LED spot to help insert the card in the dark when the visitor leaves the room and removes the card, electricity is automatically turned off.
  • Delay: Allows a "timeout" once the customer removes the card. Optionally without timer.
  • Smart: It only works with your hotel cards, does not work with any other type of card outside the hotel system
  • Expandability and flexibility: Adapts to hotel requirements and is compatible with different host operating systems.
  • Event Management: Creates a database of events that are registered.